Tycoon Promotion’s senior staff members are proud of their multidecennial experience in the entertainment business, working, collaborating and coordinating major International events for RAI, Redbull, Mediaset, Teatro alla Scala, just to mention the best known names.

They use the most up-to-date equipment, from TV broadcasting cameras to drones, OB-Vans, High Speed cameras and other audio and video recording devices, and have a sound experience in recording as well as in broadcasting international events and concerts, via satellite or DCP.

Professional filming is never a mere technological issue: there is an artistic touch in the choice of timing, in the selection of images, effects and other important details that does make the difference between a good product and a top quality audio-visual recording. Thanks to a perfect match between filming and post-production, carried on by the best operators, Tycoon Promotion can supply products with high emotional impact, still well focused on the selected target.

The market evolution is more and more requesting dedicated video contents, which are now becoming a must on social networks (i.e. Facebook and YouTube, just to mention the most popular ones). Short clips, capable of quickly reaching their audience, are essential tools for brands and companies. Talking to a person is different from addressing a community. Capturing the audience attention and interest and getting their confidence requires both experience and a know-how that Tycoon Promotion’s team is glad to offer

High Speed

Capable of recording over 1000 frames per second into DRAM, high speed cameras are used to record fast-moving objects as photographic images and exclusive contents. After recording, the images can be played back into slow motion generating exclusive contents which do allow the public to experience different realities and scenarios.

  • Phantom Flex
  • Sony Fs7
  • Red Dragon

Post Production

If you are creating sound, you cannot ignore the dialogue or the music. They all tie together and most important, they all work together. Sound design provides extraordinary sound effects as well as an additional unique emotional touch to the audiovisual production.

  • Video Editing
  • 2D and 3D Animation
  • Color Grading

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality helps you to promote your contents, allowing users to experience reality as well as engaging people like never before. Ever wondered what is it like to paraglide along the side of a mountain? The emotions experienced while driving a race car? In any moment you can be anywhere you want at anytime, and solutions and possibilities are endless.


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